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Focus On Your Good

A whirlwind with Tom Bird Seminars “Write Your Publishable Book in a Weekend” recently, after a climb up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, one of the MAJOR Energy Vortexes in the world. Spectacular!

While standing on top of the rock, amazed that I’d even made it, still huffing & puffing a bit–a yoga teacher who’s not accustomed to climbing rock faces at high altitudes can be blown out of her comfort zone ;- } — I stretched my arms out to the sky and asked God, my Guides and the Universe to pour through me and assist me in penning forth whatever I’m supposed to write!

I did have a preconceived notion of what it’d be–something about my healing journey through breast cancer — but what came out during that stream-of-consciousness marathon turned out to be more about the healing journey of LIFE– 37,000 words worth! Painlessly and completely in the flow. A phenomenal experience & I highly recommend it to anyone who “has a book in them”–and that is about 85% of the public. Tom Bird Seminars

(Remember, Jack Kerouac used this same technique in penning the classic best-seller ON THE ROAD–but I did it without drugs–well, except maybe a little ibuprofen after all the rock climbing).

SO many powerful healing tools exist–and I believe writing or expression through the heart center via art, song, music, dance, yoga, are among the best.

In the feature, I’ll share an exercise with you that might help you get unstuck and open up to all the good that is pouring down around you! Ask and you shall receive!

A class member in my “Get the Life You Love” currently at Emory University’s Continuing Education remarked that she’d stowed her Vision Board in the back of her closet after we created them the week before.

This proved a bit of a conundrum to me, until I thought about how so many of us push away the world’s gifts, or even our own gifts to ourselves (such as allowing ourselves even to HAVE a vision of a life filled with freedom, happiness, a loving partner, more meaning, fulfillment and the joy of connection).

Then I remembered another friend who, when given gifts, would store them in his garage or basement and never even bother opening them.

That, I thought, is extremely odd. Why would anyone NOT want to receive a gift?

A few ideas came to mind:

*By receiving, perhaps he thought he’d be put in the position of owing something, or would be expected to render up something in exchange.

*Possibly the gift would be less perfect than one he could choose for himself, so he didn’t want to raise his expectations by opening it.

*He didn’t want to take the time. (I informed him that it’s an insult not to open gifts that people have given you, then to acknowledge them in some way).

*Perhaps he didn’t feel he deserved it. (I am not worthy!) -Careful what you tell the Universe about yourself– the Universe pays attention to our heartfelt beliefs.

*Possibly by receiving, he felt that he would lose control–whereas while giving, he stayed in control.

I think in my class member’s case it was more a question of DEFINITION–How does one DEFINE HAPPINESS?

So here’s the exercise, an ACTIVE IMAGINATION DIALOGUE with Happiness.

Active Imagination is a process where you get relaxed with some deep breathing, sit up straight at a writing table with both feet on the floor and your heart center open, handwriting in your journal so as not to impede the flow. Write as fast as you can–don’t over think it– this is a right-brained flow state of consciousness, tapping into your true essence. It is NOT analytical so please leave analysis/paralysis out of it. (Typing is a more left-brained activity, but if you really must, use your laptop).

Pose a question to My Happiness and respond as Me.

For example:

ME–Dear Happiness, what do you look like?

My Happiness: I look like such & such…

ME–Why are you so elusive?

MH–Because I…… and because you……


Continue the dialogue for as long as necessary (you’ll know when you’ve resolved it–or not) until you can ask Your Happiness for a gift. Who knows what it will look like or what insight it might bring?

The gift may unblock you to open up to your good. Don’t you believe you deserve to be happy?

I know you deserve it.

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