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Abeka Homeschooling Perfect for Christian Families

Abeka Homeschool Curriculum is a very popular option for many Christian families. Abeka homeschooling programs teaching is based on Christian values. The Bible is taught through all subjects. They offer material for all ages, from preschool up through grade 12.

Christian homeschooling has actually risen in popularity.  This type of learning offers parents a healthy and easier way of monitoring what their children have been learning from a spiritual standpoint. More importantly, they can supervise whether their child has received a sufficient amount of Christian values.

If you opt for Christian homeschool, check out an institution that offers the best Christian homeschooling curriculum. Here are a few tips which will guide you in picking the most appropriate curriculum for Christian homeschooling.

There are so many reasons and benefits for sending your child to a homeschool. Some opt for this form of education because of a particular way of life while others consider alternative education due to medical problems. Christian homeschooling offers yet another choice.

Tip 1 – Make sure that the curriculum of Christian homeschooling instills learning according to Biblical teachings. There are several curriculums of other Christian home schools that claim to be a Christian institution yet do not actually teach straight from the Bible. Make sure the spiritual lessons and values presented in the curriculum are similar to the family beliefs and convictions.

Tip 2
 – Another thing to consider when you opt for Christian homeschooling is the quality of the Christian education the institution offers. This is an essential quality that must be met when defining what a good Christian homeschool is. Since you do not want to opt for mere mediocrity when you deal with your children’s education, you need to put much emphasis on the quality of the curriculum the school offers.

Tip 3 – Apart from the quality, determine also that the Christian homeschooling curriculum offered by the institution is something that you can manage. When you choose to Christian homeschool, you are the one who will then teach it to your kids. Make sure that it is something you can dispense with ease and confidence.

Tip 4 – Nevertheless, if you think you do not have what it takes to be a Christian teacher, no matter what the educational tools available, you might consider computer and video curriculums available that will monitor the schooling process for you.

Typically, the real responsibility of Christian homeschooling involves a significant amount of time learning about the word of God, focusing on the Biblical values that will “train a child up in the way that he should go so that, when he becomes old, he will not depart from it.

The online Christian curriculum that we used to teach our children (for more than 10 years) was Alpha & Omega’s SOS (Switched to Schoolhouse). This curriculum was a total answer to prayer for me and my kids.  It is very Christ-centered and it has a calendar built into the software that keeps track of your kids’ lessons. Each day the kids know what lessons they have to do. There is a student section and a teacher section. As the teacher, you can unlock it so the kids can check their own work or you can choose not to and check their work yourself.  This was and is the most favorite curriculum that we use(d).

One of the greatest things about SOS is it’s ‘recyclable’. If you have kids in different grade levels the younger kids can use the CD’s the next school year. They are also upgradeable so they will stay up-to-date! How cool is that?!


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