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Our goal is to help our readers to empower them to create changes (small or large) in their lives. In this process, you will get to know yourself as the best friend you’ll ever have!

Deepen your creative spirit and develop your greater purpose through class discussions, activities and art projects which reinforce your evolution. Learn practical “how-to” strategies to move through barriers, identify strengths, and bring goals to fruition. Bring a notebook for journal keeping.

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What others say about us

There are times when I feel as if I am a small child lost in a massive crowd. Confused, overwhelmed, unsure which way to go, I stumble, scrape my knee, and remain unnoticed on the hard pavement. Then, a smiling face appears, a woman with a gentle voice and a kind heart. She takes me by the hand, leads me out of the rush of people to a place where I am safe, where I can see more clearly where I am, and where I can regain my connection with those who love me. That woman, for me, is the light year direct team

Once the light year direct team had rescued me from the fray and helped me recenter myself, the path I sought became clear to me again. I was able to re-shoulder my pack and head off along my purposeful trail.

That is what they were able to do for me–to see ‘me’ beyond how I see myself and to give me a gentle push this way or that to make sure I could see too. It’s like having blurry vision and suddenly finding your glasses–Patrice is like those glasses.

I’m not sure how to describe exactly HOW they do these things. Maybe it’s magic. It doesn’t always seem like we are doing anything but chatting when we are on the phone. There are always a few things I write down. There are often some promises I must make–mostly to myself, but accountable to her. The rest just seems to transpire, somehow mystically guided by her pixie dust and invisible wings. She doesn’t talk about these powers. They are too humble. But I know they are there. I see them when I have my glasses on