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Knowing What You Unknowingly Know

You are your own best career adviser. The role of an outsider is chiefly that of fog dispersal, a critical yet preliminary and adjunctive role.

Should you stop me in the hallway today and ask the meaning of desuetude I’d have a puzzled look on my face and answer “I know it but no I just can’t come up with it”, my voice trailing off as I felt I disappointed you.

Yet if you’d shown me a sentence in the newspaper like “… after years of desuetude and neglect the old schoolhouse was only fit for the wrecker’s ball”, I’d have said “oh, disuse”, though in truth it’s more likely that you’d not have needed to ask me at all.

Such is as it is with words allowing us not to walk around with dictionaries in our hands or ones and zeros using up memory in our portable electronic devices. What draws a blank in isolation is easily answered in context. Word definitions are great examples of how much all of us unknowingly know, how context guides us to understanding, and how imperfect knowledge is usually sufficient.

There are similar shades when you turn to me, or another, for career advice. Context is king and you alone know the subtleties and nuances of your life’s circumstances. The job of an adviser is to help disperse the fog that has grown up around your dilemma, the product of your doubts, disappointments, uncertainties and even the desuetude you may have allowed developing over the years about who you really were and what you were really about as you focused on education, meeting the expectations of others, or being swayed by a profession’s culture at odds with your core values.

Clearing that flogs allows you to see your life in its most valid context. That clarity allows you make the best decisions, drawing on what you instinctively (unknowingly) know about yourself and move ahead accepting the imperfections in your self-knowledge and understanding and that a new direction is right for now but not necessarily for forever.

In short, you are your own best career adviser. The role of an outsider is chiefly that of fog dispersal, a critical yet preliminary and adjunctive role.

Family and Cheesecake and My Continuous Learning

Today has turned out to be a real bummer so far, and I’m only about 3 hours into it…

But we’ll get to that later.

How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine rocked. Friday my mom flew into Orlando to surprise my grandma for Mother’s Day. We spent the weekend together, and it was just really nice. My mom is pretty much my best friend, and I have been missing her since I moved to Orlando.

My grandparents are also ridiculous. They run 5+ miles every day, and then go bike riding or swimming. And they eat healthier than anyone I know.

Well, Saturday my abuela dragged me out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to go running. For 5 miles. And I did it! Without stopping! I was pretty impressed with myself, I have to admit.

This is my abuela. She is a superwoman. Not only does she run, lift weights, do yoga, and cook… she also sews.

The rest of the weekend was spent cooking, laughing, and reminiscing. I even baked a cheesecake!

I followed a recipe from a cookbook my Abuela had, as I am no baker. But it turned out really yummy!

I just crushed up graham crackers with melted butter to make the crust. I then mixed up two eggs, a package of cream cheese, 8 oz or so of ricotta cheese (which made the cake super custard-y) some lime juice and 1/2 cup of sugar. Poured it in the crust and baked at 375 for 35 minutes. So easy, and very delicious (and I don’t even really cheesecake).

But today, well today hasn’t been so fun.

I came to Orlando to take some math lessons, I´m doing pretty well on online GED classes tests but I really want to be ready. Mostly because I really want to make sure I’m prepared for PA school in the fall, and I’m worried that its been so long I will have a hard time keeping up. Well, it was all taken care of, and then it wasn’t.

So now I’m running around trying to get re-enrolled, and my amazing grandparents are going to foot the bill. Or they are attempting to. I’m so frustrated because the school is being impossible about getting this all straightened out… And the class starts in, oh about 4 hours. So wish me luck that this gets all straightened out!

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