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Sunday Musings

My goodness, how totally gorgeous is it outside? It is almost 6 pm and I’ve had a *very* full day and weekend. Where shall I even begin? Friday night, my husband and I walked to the Thirsty Scholar, a local bar, to have dinner and watch the Sox play. We went to bed early to gear up for our Saturday packing extravaganza.

Saturday morning, I did indeed get up early, headed over to Dunkins for a big ol’ box of joe, and some munchkins, reinforcements for our troops of packers, which included my mom, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend. Oh did we pack. My husband tackled our living room, his office, his closet – my brother carted trash.

My mom and brother’s girlfriend packed up our kitchen, and I braved our bedroom, ending up with three huge trash bags of clothes to donate. I didn’t even venture down in our basement storage unit. Everything down there is already in boxes, so I figure as I unpack, I’ll fill up bags again with clothes to donate.

Once the packing was done, we met up with my dad for burgers and beer. This no-red-meat-eating girl was courageous (read, stupid) and ate 1/2 a hamburger, and I’ve been paying for it all weekend. Ugh. The good thing is that our place is probably about 80% packed. It’s gonna be a rough week, though, with boxes and crap all over the place. This morning, my husband asked where the cups were, for coffee. Um…packed. As is the coffee, AND the coffee maker. He just laughed and said, oh…right.

Speaking of this morning, I was up bright and early to head over to the new house, and I was able to meet up with the lovely Erika for brunch – she and I are now 2-minutes-apart-literally-around-the-corner neighbors! Yay! After that, I headed over to my house, then to my parents, and then to buy yet more necessities, including sheets for the guest bed, a duvet cover for our comforter, and a rod for the shower curtain. It seems never ending but at this point? I’m just so psyched to finally get in there.

And can I just yet again mention the weather? Yes? Okay then. *hee* It seems as though we have skipped spring again here in Boston and went straight from freezing to balmy summer weather. So not complaining. I am just itching to move in, open all of our windows, and relax with a glass of wine on the porch.

This week? Super busy. My husband is traveling for work, and so am I, but just a one-day trip for me. We also have tickets to the Sox game on Friday night, to celebrate our last night living in the big city.

More later!

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