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Frequently during times of transition, God will toss me a big beautiful bouquet, just to keep me focused on the world of wonders he reveals when we’re alert and open to guidance from beyond.

Although I don’t really gravitate to the word “obedient,” it really is a matter of recognizing that “where there’s no will, there’s a way.” Stop trying to force my will on the outcome that I believe is THE WAY.

This statement is really a corollary to holding a goal gently in your hands–because if you don’t grip that one specific goal so tightly, there’s room in your hands for the Universe to place far greater miracles than you could ever imagine.

It’s all a matter of knowing how and when to release willfulness and petty little demands, squawking for exactly what you think you want, exactly when you think you want it.

The gospel song tells us, “He’s an on-time God, yes He is!” God definitely shows up on his timetable, not ours.
Experiencing what you want in life is more about who you BE than what you DO.

Hence my objective to do only the things I ENJOY doing– then I can BE IN JOY and ENJOY BEING.

Back on June 7th, I sat in Laura West’s Business Goddess Bigger Money Game workshop crying about how all I wanted to do was go to China in October but I didn’t want to be stressed about $$ when I got back, and so I needed to generate an additional (at least) $30K or more by September 15– with a fudge factor up to departure date of 10/4 good buddy.

Basically, I had no idea where it would come from except for $6K known income (PR client) and a few hundred from yoga teaching, since all of my coaching clients were midstream in their six month development programs with me, and already paid.

Here’s what I did to boost things along:

*In tears, I surrendered aloud and put forth the intention for the additional $30K or more in the Business Goddess circle–and felt relief over having expressed the truth: basically all I want to do is have fun (and what’s wrong with that?)

*I used The Monroe Institute Manifesting with Hemi-Sync CD a couple of times in powerful group meditations at my home

*I wrote down the intention & visualized myself being completely at peace during my travels because I’d put all my ducks in a row beforehand

*And worked my butt off this summer to “make things happen”– ran a couple of classes, got new coaching clients, had three major public presentations scheduled in September (Atlanta Women in Business; Live Your Legacy Summit; and EWomen Network).

Things were happening slowly & steadily but still a major question mark HOW the last $7-8K would manifest.

Then right at Labor Day, the infection around my right implant that plagued me all summer (7 rounds of antibiotics) returned. That was it. The surgeon and I had agreed that if the infection returned, I’d have to have the implants removed to let everything heal completely. Because of the three talks scheduled for September, I had to push the surgery to September 20th– a week ago Tuesday– two weeks before departure for China. Would I even get to go?

That went fine and I feel great–even did yoga yesterday.

Still wondered where the final $6K would come from as of Monday.

On Monday I met with the videographer who taped my 3 presentations and we pulled 8 nuggets to mount to YouTube (another one of my objectives in BizGoddessIntensive).

When I got home my accountant had called regarding my income tax return to discuss. I’d forgotten that I’d carried over several thousand $$$ paid in over the past few years because I’ve been on the Healing Journey and my expenses precluded any taxes…. She told me I had a tax refund that I could receive of $6072!!!

But it gets even better. I had been completely anal about charting every dollar that I earned from various sources this summer… and I knew down to the dollar how much I needed to meet the $30K goal: $6079.

The GUIDES MADE IT UNMISTAKABLE THAT THEY HAVE ASSISTED MIGHTILY IN RENDERING THIS UP–BECAUSE THE DIFFERENCE IS ONLY $7!!! (According to my friends at The Monroe Institute, with whom I’ve been studying since the early ’90s, our Guides have great senses of humor).

Seven is MY FAVORITE NUMBER– it’s the number on my license plate 777 LED which came to me in 1999–and it’s my lucky number.

THE MIRACLE OCCURRED—because I trusted, surrendered, and diligently took action all along the way–while EXPECTING good things to happen.

Tap into that wave of gratitude and let it lift YOU up!

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