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Whack Those Weeds!

Life may get going so well for us that we have to create some chaos to disrupt the beautiful flow that’s bubbling up.

And we have such a marvelous variety of options from which to choose! Partying to excess and getting sick is popular with the younger set. One friend fell into bed with someone who not only didn’t respect her in the morning, he stole her favorite coffee mug on the way out.

Many choose to create some kind of financial shipwreck by spending way beyond their means. Some martyrs may send themselves into a state of overwhelm and snippiness by taking on too many activities or charitable ventures, becoming a “human doing” instead of a “human being.” Insanity then springs from being out of balance.

Pick a fight with a close friend or spouse. Get distracted (i.e. “go unconscious” with your texting or dumbphone) and have a fender bender. Fall off a ladder and get injured. Overdo in any number of ways.

Do what we know we shouldn’t simply because, even though we have hoped for the best, dreamed of the best and maybe even prayed for the best, when The Best comes we don’t know if we’re good enough for it. We simply haven’t learned to expect the best and then (the most important step) accept the bounty.

Expect it, then accept it. Simple, but not always easy.

Acceptance: Why is that simple concept so difficult for people to enjoy and experience? It really hearkens back to the “not good enough” feelings, the impostor syndrome–not feeling as though we’ve earned the right to accept the good that is pouring down all around us.

And why not? Those negative voices and the negative self-talk. Whose voice does it sound like? Your mother’s or father’s? A sibling’s? A teacher’s? Your parole officer’s? Your own?

The Lesson of Rocks

Rocks are a key element of consciousness in any garden. They serve as power centers, holders of the forces from deep within earth’s core. Rocks not only hold energy, they also symbolize it. In the Japanese garden, stones and boulders are used to connote miniature mountain peaks and the hills where hope resides.

“I will lift up my eyes to the hills, where I find hope.”

Even more than their energetic properties, the beauty of rocks reminds me of their endurance in the face of the onslaught of elements–their hardiness, and in a sense, their heartiness.

Elements like fear, doubt, and worry may take eons to wear away the rock that is our foundation, our innermost self. Or they may not wear it down at all.

Imagine the endurance of these crystallized formations, these stones–their mystery and magic; the secrets that they’ve witnessed through the centuries, worn just by fractions as they washed down the eons through turbulent times.

Ancient Sanskrit says, “God sleeps in the minerals; awakens in the plants; walks in the animals; and thinks in you.”

Stones focus us and remind us all that we are the stronger stuff of stone, as well as the easeful grace of plants, the jungle awareness of animals and the spiritual connection to God–all comprising a graceful and joyous human life.

Have you ever seen a little flower peeking through a crack in a rock–the flower that shattered the stone? It demonstrates the great secret of life: vulnerability and strength at the same time.

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